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    a reddish-brown substance made from the leaves of a bush and used for colouring hair or skin

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    a cycle race in which track cyclists complete several laps behind a motorized bicycle before...

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    champagne socialist

    someone with left-wing political opinions who is very rich. This word is often used to show that...

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    shop steward

    a worker who represents other workers in a particular union in meetings with managers

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    a Scottish food made from the inner organs of a sheep that are cut up, mixed with grain, and...

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    a very large cloud of dust and gas that exists in outer space

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    the time in the early morning when the sun first appears in the sky with the light of a new day

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    a planet which is outside the Earth?s solar system

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    not at all interested in or enthusiastic about anything, and not willing to make any effort to...

"Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect." - Steven Wright